Apr 3, 2014 - Capri and Sorrento

We fly overnight to Rome, then drive to Sorrento, where we immediately walk into town to check it out.

There is an impressive gulch in the middle of town, where what I assume is the ruins of an ancient prison.

He head down by the water for a snack and to take a boat to the isle of Capri.

A look back at Sorrento,

then towards Capri.

This is what Jill has been most looking forward to.

The cliffs of Capri jut out from the blue waters like a breaching Moby Dick.

The quaint fishing village is all about tourism now.

Capri features a colorful marina.

We transfer from a ferry to a smaller boat, which gets closer to the rocks and crevasses as it goes around the isle.

Another, smaller boat gets even closer.

The water here is amazing. It is so blue and so clear.

By contrast, the white cliffs are made even more impressive and make you feel so small.

We actually go through this stone hole.

What a driveway!

They think these "three sisters" are famous.

But we know they're only famous for this - the Blue Grotto.
The wind was coming from the wrong direction, so no one could go inside today.

Countless little purple jellyfish are easy to spot in the clear blue water.

The lighthouse on the far side of the isle.

This is where our tour took us. It was a busy hour-long trip, but we enjoyed it.
Later, we walked around Capri, then had a nice dinner in Sorrento, not making it to the welcome reception for the conference to which we were invited. (Oops.)