Feb 9, 2014 - Ice Skating

Ella spends the morning with grandmama.
They go to the Big Chicken to take a picture with "Flat Walter" as a part of his school project.

Kevin and Brooke spent the night, then join us in Roswell the next morning for brunch.

They play with Ella for w few minutes to work up an appetite.

In the afternoon, we skip naptime and take Ella ice skating for the first time.
She's excited!

She is more brave than we expected.

She more walks on the ice than skates, but does a good job.

She stays away from the wall, too.

Oops. First fall.

No tears. Back up.

Ella is done with ice skating and too tired to hold up the wee little skate and smile.
Here are three videos of Ella ice skating...
Video 1 - walking on ice
Video 2 - spinning...
Video 3 - more ice skating