Feb 8, 2014 - White Elephant

The annual Christmas, nay, White Elephant party was pushed to February to accomodate other holiday events.
After wine, apps, wine, dinner, and wine, Jason decides to learn to play a small tuba.
Kevin tries to show him,

then demonstrates.

Jason decides to put his other skills to work, like his famous Barbie-balancing abilities, making Ken hold his daughter overboard like a Jackson.

On to the gift exchange... Abs opens pictures that Brooke brought back from Uganda.
Yeah. Strong start to the gift exchange.

Evan gets a llama throw, wool hat, and anatomically correct doll (with a long backstory).

Brooke gets some snacks to accompany her ride on the new Ferris Wheel by Centennial Park.

Kevin gets my gift, but doesn't know what it is, yet.

Holly tries on cardboard antlers from Kevin's gift, if that is a hint...

She opens her gift - a trio of versitile koozies/drink holders that she doubles as wrist warmers.

Evan gets Jill's gift, a mate mug from Uruguay.
(Mate - mah-TAY - is a super-caffinated tea-like drug-like drink that is popular in Argentina and Uruguay.)

Kevin is done assembling his gift, a painted, recycled cardboard deer head,

which quickly drinks out of the mate mug.


We digress to music playing again.

Everybody solo!

Good night.
Two impossible-to-get wines set the early stage.
A dozen of their brothers fell, too, but they paved the way for a fabulous evening.