Jan 28-29, 2014 - First snow/icw storm of 2014

The first ice storm in three years takes everyone a little by surprise.
To be clear, the weathermen predicted it, but no one believed them.

None of us got stuck in cars for hours like so many others.

By 5pm, our yard looked magical - and we were all together and warm.

But now someone wants to go play...

So we bundle up and go out.

Juli likes the change of pace.

She pulls Ella on a little sled ride.

It is snow on top, but it is ice underneath.

Click here to watch Ella sled down the street on Jill's old disc.

Els makes a little snow angel in the yard.

We all build a snowman.

Els makes a snow angel in the street and looks back at it, next to Juli's larger one.

Over the few days, we play a lot of games.

The girls make cookies, which we all decorate.

...and I make a mosaic with about 1200 wine corks.