Jan 25, 2014 - Battle of the Bands, ice cream at the Spence

Kevin had the great idea to see the Battle of the Bands at the Dome.
We arrive in time to see several bands perform, starting with Alabama A&M.

They're pretty lively.

I don't recall who this is, but they stole the show for me.
First, they make a dude.
(They don't make him walk like another band did with a stick figure by moving its legs, but the red afro is key!)
Notice the thin guard chicks in choir robes.

They make a large formation and play quite loudly, then I hear a lady behind my say, "wha... here come da big girls!"
The thin chicks walk off and 'da big girls' walk on.

I think they make up their routine on the spot.
The crows goes wild, but the girls are a mess.
They do somersaults.
One big girl lies down and another does a flip across her back.
It is awesome - and the crowd is hysterical.

The next band takes the field.
Regardless of their record-breaking 11 bass drums, they aren't as fun as the previous band.

We see the last of the bands, then head to dinner at The Spence in midtown.
Ella contently watches a movie, which was the intention of the picture.
(She was good all day - and we expect this to be a long meal. It is.)
Kevin says the blessing (I suppose - and have no idea why that is pictured) over steak tartare, topped with quail eggs and bovine marrow.

Well over an hour and half later, they bring the table-side ice cream (made with liquid nitrogen).

The manager serving the dessert spoons out some liquid nitrogen into our hands for fun.

Ella helps make the red beet whipped cream, which is exactly like it sounds. I happen to dig it.

If you want to see a pic of Ella eating super-frozen beet cream (and exhaling CO2 vapor that looks like she's breathing smoke),
here you go.

By the end of the night (and it pretty much took all night), Kevin and Ella bond again.
It is funny how she always seems to remember Brooke and forget him, but she always ends up loving them both.
Great idea, Kevin. Thanks for the invite!!