Jan 14, 2014 - Punta Arenas, Chile

Chile, a new country for everyone but Paul.

One of their heros and founding fathers is a naval captain named O'Higgins.
I found that amusing.

In the central square, Els poses with a statue, amid sourvenir booths.

Ella had to climb into this tree for a photo.

A tradition is to rub his big toe to return to Punta Arenas.
Though it wasn't something we were particurly interested in doing, most of us did rub it.
Instead, I trapped Ella on the statue's angled ledge to hold on.
(She was not happy with me.)

Colorful church.

On to today's highlight - a long drive, then a long, windy walk.

Worth it. More penguins.

We got to walk alongside them from their nests in the grass

(in areas like this)

across tidal streams and pools,

Down to a rough beach.

They like it here. The fish must be fantastic, because the view is lacking!

The water is rough, too!

We hide behind a blind to not disturb them.


It is super-windy here.
They estimated the gusts at 70mph.

On our ride back, we pass some interesting sites, like this gaucho.

Cool rainbow.
I wonder if it is that common down here...

A full-scale replica of Megellan's ship.
After the seas we encountered, we are in awe that he went around the world in that. p align="center">
Back to our boat via tender.
It will be our home for the next three solid days as we go up the Chilean coast to Valparaiso.