Jan 13, 2014 - Ushuaia, Argentina

Remember how we said Ushuaia reminded us of Alaska?
Well, walk around the town and are surprised to find king crabs.

Several restaurants have them in the windows, so we went into one.

We opt for a bowl of garlicky crab. So much crab. So rich. Amazing!

We head into Tiera del Fuego National Park and get a different view of the Beagle Channel.

We enter the park...

Ella looks over the water, deep in thought (I guess).

She starts to throw rocks and shells into the arm of the Southern Ocean.

Uncle Paul helps.

Jill explores a small pier.

Ella and Paul have really bonded.
She won't let him get far away.

Moving on, we take a train to the end of the earth - the Tiera del Fuego train, a small gage steam train that follows the route of the old prisoner train.
We enjoy it with some good wine.

Wild horse.

The train in front of us (way in front of us).

I get a bit nervous as I check the tiny track over bridges like this.
The train hangs big over both sides.

We stop for a bit at the halfway point for a quick hike.

What a view!

Ella shows you how narrow the gage is.

Ella and Paul pose in the prisoner train cutout.