Jan 13, 2014 - Ushuaia, Argentina

Argentina says they bought the islands from Spain. The UK doesn't think Spain ever owned the islands (though they did own Argentina until 1816). So, they still disagree.
The important thing is that in October 10, 2009, Argentina retroactively declared that the UK had occupied the islands illegally for 176 years, which is older than than the constitutions of Spain (1978) or Argentina (1853). Actually, only San Marino (1600), the USA (1788), and the Netherlands (1815) existed in their present form when the UK re-occupied. Whatever. We're here to have fun.

Ushuaia is gorgeous!

The mornign has us on a cruise around the area.

Lots of terns and other birds own small rocks and outcroppings.

Massive sea lions bellow their dominance.

This guy chases a much smaller male away from his women and children.

Rainbow in the bay!

Different picture. Slight adjustment.

More birds.

Many more!

Time for pics of my girl.

and my girls (well, two of them).

Hey dad... ibis! Black-faced ibis (named after the masks around their eyes). We saw some flying, too. Those pics didn't come out as good.
This was taken from a boat about 100 feet away.

Perhaps my favorite shot of the morning.
The ruler of very rugged land.

Or maybe this one.

What a cute little lighthouse.

OK, maybe this is my fave.
"Les Eclaireurs," the enlighteners.

I forgot what these little guys are, but they're pretty cool, living in nests in cracks in the rocks at the end of the world.

I like these windswept trees, too.

Heading back to the harbor, but not to our ship. We're moving on!