Jan 12, 2014 - At Sea

As we approach Cape Horn, we see another cruise ship for the first time.

The Chilean Navy Station near Cape Horn serves as a scenic lighthouse.

A silhouette of an albatross stands as a monument for all the sailors who lost their lives trying to rounf the horn.

The Chilean coastline is rugged here.

Jill and I enjoy some time out on deck.

OK, 'enjoy' may be a bit of a stretch.

An albatross dances in the wind, skimming the waves with its long wings.

This small building is actually on Cape Horn proper and is the world's southernmost lighthouse.

It is chilly here.
We'd been inside playing cards, but run out for the view and some pictures.

Mom and Aunt Caroline are better-dressed for it.

We warm up with a little wine. Ella has a tiny taste.
(I think she likes it. Uh oh.)