Jan 11, 2014 - Falkland Islands

Ella enjoys watching the penguins, despite the cool wind.

The coastline is quite striking.

Perhaps not beautiful, but striking.

There are a lot of rockhoppers here.

A family shares a touching moment.
Well, the baby eats partially digested fish out of its parent's mouth, but hey, it looks cute.

Also known as macaroni penguins, they get their name from an 1800s British men's ornate fashion style called macaroni, which is also where the song, Yankee Doodle, got the term.
(That was an unexpected tidbit to learn on the cruise.)

Ella enjoys getting up close to some penguins with Uncle Paul

and grandmama.

As a group, we tear ourselves away from watching the penguins for a group picture.

A few more group shots.
(By the way, the color was not altered in this one. The sky was that blue for a short time.)

A hundred or more feet below, some penguins are returning from fishing to bring food to their young.

A quick look at the rather barren countryside,

then we get back into our Land Rovers for the bumpy ride back.

I try to make a good pillow for Ella and apparently succeed. She sleeps all the way back.

We're greeted on the dock by some sea lions,

then board the tender back to the boat and some well-deserved wine.
None of us can imagine living there - and we are not eager to go back, but are glad we got to experience the Falkland Islands.