Jan 11, 2014 - Falkland Islands

After a couple of days at sea, we make landfall at the Falkland Islands.

We called them Las Malvinas earlier in the trip and will again later in the trip, but while we're here, we'll call them what the locals call them.

Besides, all the people and buildings are British.

For the sake of this page, I'll just note that everyone acknowledges that the British were there first (in the 1600s) and last (starting in 1833), so after going, I don't understand the rationale behind which the conflict was initiated.

The whalebone arch was a gift from the also-British South Georgia Island as a tribute of the Falklands winning back their independence. (They consider themselves an independent country that is part of the greater UK, much like Scotland or Wales.)

Besides, it isn't exactly a gorgeous land - and oil was only recently discovered offshort (and still can't be accessed).

Anyway, we head off over some pretty lonely roads,

then some lonlier ones

in decidely British vehicles.
The level of British pride is off the charts, as is their dislike of Argentina.
That is a real shame, because Argentina is such a great country. Being friends would help both countries.

Enough of that - on to the penguins!

We switch to 4x4s and offroad for an hour to arrive at a rockhopper colony.

Watching them walk is amusing.

But these little fellas are loud!

They constantly scream.

I don't even know what for, but they keep on.