Jan 8, 2014 - Montevideo, Uruguay

We split up for lunch. Some go back to the boat. Jill, Ella, Julieta and I hit the market.

It is full of churascurias - all sorts of meat being grilled

in a variety of orientations.

Our lunch is served - a mountain of meat and a large side of miscellaneous grilled veggies.

A super-happy Russian fellow takes our picture for us.

OK - he takes about 20. Nice guy, though.

A fly decides he deserves Jill's wine more than her, so we let him have it.

Paul joins halfway through the meal. (On-the-fly coordination is tough when phone/text is not an option.)
We finish the meat, have another bottle of wine, then walk back through the market.
We're so glad that Paul and Ella have bonded by now. I think it'll stick this time.

We go back to that park, where Ella makes some friends.

Paul gets a workout playing with Ella.

She is absolutely LOVING this!
And we love watching her have fun!

A parting shot of the city's architecture.

As we sail out of the harbor, we enjoy a last look at land (and calm seas) for a few days.

It is going to get rough tonight - and stay rough for days.