Jan 8, 2014 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Bienvenidos a Uruguay!

The port area of Montevideo is setup for pedestrians, so we start off walking around.

Uncle Wayne and Ella have fun with a cutout.

The girls pose in front of a small, but picturesque market.

There are many rundown buildings that are in various stages of remodelling.
I bet this once was spectacular.

We find a park and sit for a while for Ella to play.

She likes the slide,

but loves the swings!

She wanted to try every color.

Many parks in South America have workout equipment for adults, too.
Ella thinks it must be a toy for her, but can't quite do it without help.

Poor little doggie...

The girls have fun with the unsual streets.

Not sure what it is, but it is cool!

There are some pop-up markets.
We happened to buy a couple of things from this one.

Just a cool city.

One sidewalk is paved with a Uruguaian walk of fame, which featured lots of folks like Nelson Mandela and others. I couldn't figure out the rationale other than they're all probably famous.

Uruguain dumpster diver.
There are several folks with horse-drawn carts that race from trash can to trash can looking for valuables.
Seriously, they go fast, presumably not to miss out on what may have been dumped since their last pass.