Jan 7, 2014 - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pulling into the harbor in the morning, we're all so excited.

The morning finds us walking around the city, despite Julieta's mild warnings about safety.

We're greeted by great statues,

somber monuments (dedicated to those who died in the war with the UK over Las Malvinas),

and tired steps.
Here, Ella sleeps on Uncle Paul's shoulder.

Some of the art here is crazy good.

I think this is where the Order of the Phoenix hangs out.

What architecture!

My girls pose in front of the Pink House, the governor's mansion.

Making the most of a long walk.

Every city needs an obelisk!

Ella knows how to 'salta!'

We stop at Cabaña Las Lilas, based on the recommendation one of Paul's colleagues. It did NOT disappoint!

We get a great spot outside (after the hailstorm passed, by the way).

Empanadas, steaks, and all the fixin's.

Mushroom copper pot!

Rib steak. OK, I lost the ordering, but I was curious...

The long walk back to the boat passes some interesting spots.
Some unexpectedly scenic.

Some unexpectedly scary.

But we make it back to the boat and have a nice dinner in the dining room, where the wait staff makes napkin ninjas for Els.

Such colorful container ships.
Alright. We had a long day. Time to go to bed...