Jan 4, 2014 - Rio de Janiero

We made it to Brazil!

Our first glimpse of Cristo Redentor isn't from his best side, but worth a picture.

We stop at a scenic spot overlooking Copacabana beach.

It is full of people on this warm Saturday.
(It is 90+ degrees here today.)

Jill takes this picture, but I suppose I posted it.

Next stop: Sugarloaf...

We take a series of gondolas up the mountain for a panoramic view of the city.

What a view.

We're all happy to be here, though we're not all equally dressed for it.

Ella loves getting her picture taken, and this time it is in front of another gondola coming down the mountain to come get us.

The view from higher up on Sugarloaf.

It is a bit windy here - and Ella's curls are uncontrollable,

but beautiful.

My gorgeous girls.

Overlooking Rio.

Down there in the middle of the buildings is our boat - the Golden Princess.

A parting shot of Cristo before we head down the mountain.

Bye bye, Rio.

Bye, Sugarloaf! Don't come so close to our boat next time, please.
Next stop, the boat, then Buenos Aires.