December 25, 2013 - Christmas in Cumming

Exhausted from the big day at Snow Mountain, the girls crashed hard enough to let me take some flash photos without waking them up.
We had to move Carmala off Ella a couple of times before they both settled down.


They were good in the morning, too, sleeping until at least "eight in the first," as Ella refers to 8-something AM, then made the bed.

Daniel gives a Little Rascal impression as he builds a lego tower.

Eulalia and her littler ones chill on the couch.

Annaliese is a really good baby. She almost never cries.

Upstairs in the playroom, they dress up and play Go Fish (which Ella insists on calling "Goal Fish").

Breakfast time!

Daniel plays in the kitchen as much or more than the girls.

Time for Carmala's violin lesson.

We watch in awe. She's really good.

Ella joins in on her tuba and I on my clarinet.

Ella switches to recorder and Jill picks up her sax.
Quite a quartet we make, as everyone but Carmala butchers pieces previously considered "classical."

Aunt Eualia helps Ella hold her hands so she can play a duet with me.

We both enjoy the chance to play a song together.

The next morning, the girls make up the bed again (albeit not quite as well).

Making scones with Aunt Caroline (grandmama to Carmala and Daniel).

Having fun, making a bit of a mess,

and being careful to cut out shapes perfectly.

A final hug for Uncle Paul and we start the packing and goodbying.
Thanks for coming over, everyone!