December 26, 2013 - Christmas in Cumming

(some photos and captions courtesy of Aunt Caroline.)

Ben, Annaliese, and Ella hang out on the sunroom for a bit in the morning.

Then the kids play all over the place.

Time to go to breakfast, since we're trying to treat this like a 'trip' and not burden Jill with too much prep work.
Ella loves the hand-me-down sweater from her cousin Molly.

We arrive at J.Christophers and have a big, big table.

A height-check against the wall shows the girls are basically even.

Uncle Wayne has his hands full.

The girls color until the food comes.

Wills Park is the midday activity.


The tire swing is the biggest hit!

Even Annaliese enjoys the park. She's not so sure at first,

but then loves it!

Happy girl!

After breakfast, we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.

The kids couldn't wait to get to the fun.

while the adults enjoyed talking.

Afterwards, the girls played, Daniel napped like Wayne and Annalise, and the rest of the adults played cards

Good nap. The rest of us were jealous!