December 22, 2013 - Christmas Lunch

We get a text mid-morning - Jay and Carolan are engaged!!

After presents and playing Christmas morning, we head to Watkinsville to Sara and Norwood's where we see Bart and Chris.

Ella gets a few more presents, which she happily opens.

Books! Fantastic!

Hugs for grandmama.

Reading the book with Pop.

Giving Chris a hug for the puzzle.

Ella gets everyone she can to read to her (well, except Bart - sorry, no love for big, scary Bart).

Then we have a huge and wonderful lunch to start off the real holiday week.
Sorry I didn't get any pictures of Sara and Norwood, he camera basically follows Ella - and they were in the kitchen prepping everything - then I was too full to function much afterwards...
But thanks for having us and being such great hosts!