December 22, 2013 - "Christmas Morning"

We celebrate Christmas on Sat-Sun, Dec 21-22 since we have people coming to spend a few days with us on Dec 25.

What a spread!
(Of course, her non-Santa Christmas presents are a part of the display.)

Ella was so good. She called for us at 8am, then when we asked her, she came into our room. We laid around in bed for about 20 minutes before she started asking to go downstairs. Even then, she waited patiently for us to brush our teeth, then as I went down first to turn on the tree and grab my camera.

She's excited

and smiling big as she comes downstairs.

Checking out the display on the fireplace.

Happily trying on her new necklace.

The "boy baby" she asked Santa for...

All over the Barbie cruise ship.

We have fun exploring all the new toys.

Mommy reads her some stories from her new book.

Back to the little Ella-sized Barbie doll.

Pushing the ship around the couch.
Definitely a hit!

The Princess Sofia vanity is also a hit.
First, she dons the tiara,

then puts on pretend lipstick.

She does her hair... so cute.

Bracelets - the look is nearly complete.

Much of the rest of the morning is back to the marble tower.
Great "Christmas morning" at home!