December 21, 2013 - "Christmas Eve"

We celebrate Christmas on Sat-Sun, Dec 21-22 since we have people coming to spend a few days with us on Dec 25.

Ella wants grandmama and Pop to wear Santa hats for a picture,

then Bridget, too.

A hug for Aunt Bridget, visiting from Texas.

Els wants to take a picture of mommy. Not bad for a 4-year-old!


Among the first opened - a precious rain coat.

Then, she gets a leopard dress.
She asked who gave it to her.

When we answered, she throws the dress down and

goes to hug Pop,

then Lolly.

Hugs for grandmama after a gift,

then she opens something from cousin Megan, so gives the hug to

Aunt Bridget.

Another hug for Grandmama.


Grandmama covers Ella's eyes as another present is brought up to her...

A Lego table!

Family pic, as we get ready to open something...

Awesome! Sillhouettes of Jill and Ella as little girls.

Marble racing!

Bill and I are excited about Ella getting this present. We have as much fun as her.

Bridget, too!

Grandmama gets a last pic of Ella in front of the tree, then it is off to bed.
(Santa comes tonight!)