December 15, 2013 - Fort Myers

We visit dad and Suzanne in the middle of December, when it is cold and rainy back home.

The weather is great down here, we hit the neighborhood pool.

Ella loves playing and swimming with daddy.

Today's toy - an inflatable Minnie Mouse wand.

We realize we can launch it way up into the air

and throw it all around.

Happy girl.

But we didn't come to Fort Myers to get away from dad and Suzanne.
We go out to dinner that night, but first took a quick walk on the beach.

Ella realizes she can draw in the compacted sand.

While Jill feels how cold the water is,

Ella writes some familiar names in the sand.

Testing the water...

On to dinner...
Ella simply has to sit next to her Granny.

Fabulous meal - grouper, mussels, shrimp, and miscellaneous alfredo.
Man, they have great restaurants down here!