November 27, 2013 - Thanksgiving Eve

Ella wakes up to find Carmala, Daniel, Annaliese, Eulalia and Ben had arrived overnight.

The next morning, we head over to story-time at the library, which includes a bit of dancing.

Ella and Carmala have a ball.

Afterwards - lunch and play-time at Chick-Fil-A.

All afternoon, the kids play and have a great time.

Julieta readcs them a story and puts the girls down for a nap.

It doesn't last long

, but it is cute while they try.

In the evening, the house fills up.
Bridget is the hit of the party, making toys and props out of dishware, shoes,

and herself.

Ella has a ball,

as does Carmala.

The first "children's table" at our house.

After dinner, more play-time.

Then, Carmala breaks out her violin for a concert.
She plays several songs, before

taking a break to hang out upstairs.

Later, Carmala and I coordinate a couple of Christmas carols.

Bath time for the girls.

Fun night!