November 17, 2013 - EPCOT

Our last full day is all about EPCOT.

We hit the hanglider ride first. Ella is just tall enough.

Striking a pose in front of the Nemo ride.

Ella picks who she wants to ride with everywhere.
This time, Ella and Jill ride in a clam shell.

Down below, we find out that Bruce swore off fish in the movie, but not people!

Killing a bit of time until the International Expo area opens, we play with computers where Ella creates her own Figment, complete with painted toenails and "mariposa wings."

Over in Norway, Ella looks like a true Scandanavian with her blond curls sticking out of her viking cap.

Els tries to be all nasty with a troll.
(It doesn't quite work for her.)

China is amazing.

Temple of Heaaa-ven.

The girls marvel at the miniature Xian.

As we get to Italy, Ella meets Snow White, who spends a lot of time talking to her.
It was one of Ella's highlights of the week.


Ella with an Italian street performer.

Walking around the fountin in the USA.

Running through Japan!

What a view. Fish, arch, EPCOT ball.

In France, Ella meets a Parisien who plays a memory game (over and over).

Quentessential British phone booth.
This place is awesome. We made a full day of it.