November 16, 2013 - Animal Kingdom

It is early and a bit rainy, but we're at Disney's Animal Kingdom, about to take a Kilimanjaro Safari.

We get really close to a particular giraffe.

He is undisturbed as we pass by.

They just hang out, not minding at all.

The giraffe seems to like Carey's hair.

The lions are awake...

Simba yells for a while - not a full roar, but more like a loud moaning grunt.

Pop checks out the rhinos.

We take a break from the rain for a bit inside a desert animal house, where Els marvels at the lizards.


About to take the train.

Always climbing...

Just because you can do that doesn't mean you have to.


We check out the Finding Nemo, the Musical.

Despite the rain, we have a pretty good time!