November 15, 2013 - Magic Kingdom

Early in the afternoon, we caught the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade.

Ella is very shy, but she actually interacted with some of the characters, like the Genie.

Jafar scared her a bit, but she still gave him five.

She liked Captain Hook.

She LOVED Cinderelle's helper mice.

Of course, Belle was a hit.

Afterward, Pop teaches Ella to drive.

I love that she concentrates more on the driving than the waving.

Mom can do both.

Now there's a quality driver.

Els and Pop start the back half of the track.

Lolly made the next round of drivers, but is finally off...

As they make it back to the pit, it looks like Pop is being driven by a ghost from the Haunted Mansion.

The Astro Orbiter is the last of the quentessential spinning, raising rides, but Els loves it.

Huge day at Magic Kingdom!

We walk through Main Street, USA, but by the time we take the ferry and get back to the car,

Ella has crashed face down in the stroller.
Great day!
Tomorrow: Animal Kingdom in the rain...