November 15, 2013 - Magic Kingdom

Ella's first trip to Disney World starts at Magic Kingdom.

The first stop is a new feature - Enchanted Tales with Belle.
After a quick intro, groups get assigned a part in the play.
Ella is a salt shaker.

All the kids get their picture taken with Belle, while an animated (but physical) Lumiere looks on.

(One of Ella's favorites.)

What Ella was most looking forward to - the Tea Cups.

Mom and Jill had a good time.
Everyone spun. No one hurled.

Small World!

Under the Sea is a cool ride based on The Little Mermaid.

Ella likes Goofy's Barnstormer.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is cute. You ride in a honey pot.

Ella really loved the Runaway Mine Train, but hated how loud it was.
(I agree!)

We all like the Magic Carpets.

Even Bill and Mom, who get spat upon by a giant camel.
What a fun start to the day!