October 31, 2013 - Halloween morning

We couldn't convince Ella to go to school with the wig on, but she still went as The Little Mermaid!

Later that morning at school, they had a Trunk or Treat.
Parents lined the parking lot of the church next door to the school and

the classes filed by and sang a song.

They were all so cute.

Some were pre-K.

Some were pre-pre-pre-K.

Ella's class was pretty loud.

Ella wisely takes the middle spot before the song so she's among the first to get the treat.

Els with her best friend, Kaytlin (who is some cartoon doctor that I don't know).

Now with the teacher.

Ella and Valeria could be sisters.

Back home, Ella plays outside in the leaves, trying to make a bigger pile by pulling some off the tree.