October 26, 2013 - Brunch, Eliza, Frogtown, Fire

Morning starts in Brookhaven and brunch with the Paris clan, including baby Jack.

We move on to Eliza's 2nd Birthday, where Ella helps teach Eliza how to climb up the side of the playhouse.
(Eliza can do this at age two. Ella couldn't have at age three.)

Ella is dying to give Eliza her gift, but she starts by opening the card for her.

Eliza and Baby Kevin eat blue, monster-themed cupcakes.
Neither are really good at it.

So excited to play with leaves!

Well, I guess everyone is!

Brooke points out a spot that Eliza missed.

All the monsters come out to play.

Leaves everywhere!

Afterwards, we go our separate ways.
Mom and dad head to the mountains

and Frogtown Winery.

The foliage is changing

and the wine is flowing.

Meanwhile, Ella enjoys a relaxing evening in front of a roaring fire at Lolly and Pop's.