October 24, 2013 - School pics and pumpkins

Earlier in October, Kristen Arnst took school pictures this year for the Spanish Academy.

She's amazing, so the pictures are fantastic.

Her class...

A bit later in the month, they have spirit day.

Now, actually on the 24th, they have "Pumpkins with Papa," where I got to her school for a couple of hours for breakfast and carving.

Ella draws the face.

I cut out the mouth. Ella watches, learns, and cuts out the eyes.
(Yes, I'm the only irresponsible dad who lets his pre-preschooler play with carving tools.
Then again, maybe I have the most responsible one.)

Not bad for both of our first carvings.

They show off by going through their morning routine with us, where each student recites the days of the week, talk about the weather, talk about yesterday and its weather,

names and matches shapes, etc - all in Spanish.

Ella and her two best friends - Annalucia and Kaytlin.

Group pic!