October 15-29, 2013 - Misc. October

Julieta and Ella make empanadas for everyone for dinner.
Ella helps fold them, but Julieta does the edging.

Ella brushes them all with butter.

They're perfect!

Ella is so proud of what she and Julieta have done (and do every month or so).
They're so good. The best are corn and cheese.

Scarecrows in the Garden!

At the Botanical Garden, Ella has to sit on the chairs.

Ella does some pumpkin bowling.

She leaves a brutal split,

then picks it up with the second ball gourd.

How do you celebrate a spare? Why, ribs of course!
Fat Matt's Rib Shack.

Messy fingers.

Yeah, they're that good!

Ella helps me make a jack-o-lantern out of 200 plastic corks.

Late October (29th, to be precise).
The red maples are in full color.