October 7 2013 - Gardens and Zoo

With low expectations, we went to the botanical gardens in the middle of the desert.

It was really large and had several quaint spots.

Els loved the wildflowers.

There were some old farmhouses turned into cooking demonstration kitchens.

A small working ranch flanked the gardens.

They also have a very large Japanese garden with ponds and waterfalls.

The A-Scale railway was a big feature.

It led to the butterfly house.
Yeah, I know, this is a moth, but they have a ton of both.



Peeing gorilla.
OK, that is not in the butterfly house.

We love hippos!

Lounging lions.

Baby rhino.

This zoo has everything!

They have several giraffe as well.

Jill and joey.

The feline area is great. Tigers.

This lion roars at another lion inside the building.
It is really close to closing time, so it may be time to eat.

Thirsty fella.

At the end of a long day, Jill reads Ella a new bedtime story that we got downtown.
It is a New Mexico take on the tortoise and the hare.
Come over and read it sometime.