October 7, 2013 - Sandia Mountain

Our third morning in Albuquerque. We try to sleep in, but know there be balloons outside.

Within a few minutes, the sun is closer to rising and more balloons are up.

I counted 112 in this shot.
The awesome part is that when these passed by, a hundred more came, then a hundred more.

This morning's activity is Sandia Mountain, so named because twilight makes it glow pink like a watermelon ("sandia" in Spanish).

Ella loves the ride.

Boulders and craggy mountains.

At the top, we enjoy some seriously fresh air and a cool view.

Yup. We're up there.

Albuquerque looks even smaller from up here.

Exploring the porches and walkways.

The ride back down on the other side of the gondola is just as steller.

On the ground, buffalo!

Els with her girly southwestern shirt, loves being outside and near the huge "aminals."

We hit the Native American museum for some "Indian food" (as it is listed).

We go to the most depressing aquarium we've ever seen.
I know Atlanta is supposedly a high bar, but we like Chicago, Chattanooga and others.
ABQ's Aq is not good.

There was this nice reef-ish area.

And a big face starfish.

The most redeeming thing was watching the sea turtle feeding.

Lemon shark!
OK. Time to check out their Botanical Garden and Zoo.
They have to be better (and they really, really are)!