October 6 2013 - The balloon festival

We check out some other balloons before we board our bus and head back to the fairgrounds.
We love the zebra.

The hummingbird was this year's favorite.

The ride back is magical.

Angry bee...
The people that went up in this got engaged before they went up.
Not sure where I learned that, but I think I saw a video.

Elvis has left the ground.

Guess which is Ella's favorite...

The carriage is cool, but we never saw the front of the astronaut.
(I did not know Ella knew that word.)

The fairgrounds are hoppin.

Mmmm... Fair food.
Red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese drizzle and powdered sugar.

Our fam isn't big enough to fill out the sign.

But we try.

After hours at the festival, we all took a nap, then hit Old Town Albuquerque.

My girls look great, despite the long, long day.

Ella finds photo ops everywhere.

Another picture. Dinner. Crash.
Tomorrow - Sandia Mountain, the Aquarium, Botanical Garden, and Zoo.