October 6 2013 - The ride!

We finally ease up in the first wave of balloons.

As we head up, we realize most of the park is actually a golf course.
Hundreds of other balloons (later found to be 600) get ready to go, including a court jester (middle of screen).

It is cold, but we're having a great time.

A look back down at the chaos.
No wonder our pilot likes to be among the first up!
Check all the people toward the right of the park...

Another look down.

As we drift away from the fairgrounds, the sun starts to peek over the mountains.

We can see the sunlight crawling towards us.

Dark balloons...

There's the sun!

Light balloons...
(We like the pirate parrot in the middle of the picture.)

We've been up for about 45 minutes.
Our chase van thinks we can land in a clearing, but power lines and another landing balloon prevent that...

So, we look down at where we almost landed...

Having a good time!

Still cold, but fun.

I zoomed in and lost count around 80 balloons in this picture.

A little more hot air because...

We're drifting over the interstate.
We wave. They honk and wave back.

Our pilot chats with the ground crew.

Hey, that's our hotel.
We've gone several miles.

Ella is really having fun now!

But we eventually have to land...

Good trip!

That's been our home for an hour or so.
What an experience...

We loved it.
We totally recommend it, if you can get out to New Mexico!