October 5 2013 - To Albuquerque!

How fitting! We see three balloons before we even leave Cumming as we head to the airport.

We're on the plane. Very exciting.
It is Ella's 52nd flight. Not bad for 48 months old.
But, we get delayed on the ground because a piece of the service door fell off. (We were OK with them replacing it.)
The pilot walked back into the cabin and passed out wings to the kids. He talked to Ella, who said it was her birthday. When we confirmed this, he invited Ella to the cockpit.

Ella was too scared to sit in the co-pilot seat, but Jill was eager to do it. The pilot said it was OK, so Jill climbed in - and Ella climbed in on top of her.

They spent several minutes up there and got a tour of the dials and switches.

We get to ABQ, check-in, then go back into town.

We head to the stadium for the New Mexico - New Mexico State football game.

We arrived 15 minutes before kickoff, got a parking spot not too far away for $5,

bought a ticket at the gate, and made it inside for kickoff.

It is a nice little stadium.

Ella's happy to be here.

We were amused at the band location. The visitor band was on the 20 yard line with the guard girls in the grass a few sections away.

The home band was on the 50.

It wasn't much of a game. UNM killed NMSU (who had the nation's longest losing streak at the time).

The best fare at the stadium is kettle chips with ketchup.
Several othes got it, but we declined.

UMN was up 42-14 at the half, as the UMN band takes the field.

Ella's highlight was probably the free massage.

She loved it - and drooled on the seat a bit.

We get a family picture taken, then leave mid-3rd quarter.

Ella was still interested, despite how cold it got when the sun went down.

A parting shot, then we go back to the hotel to get some sleep.
Tomorrow is going to be an EARLY day!