September, 29 2013 - Cake and presents

Ella has been eyeing this cake all year, saying she wanted it.
She's been good all year, so we got it knowing there is no way we could possibly finish it, but not wanting to justify not giving it to her.

A few pictures of the girls with the cake.

Nice posing, as always.

The girls eagerly await the cutting...

Ella generously gives some of hers to pop.

We did our best, which wasn't much. It was wonderful (well, as cakes go).

Ella plays with the princess figurines that adorned the cake.

present time!

Els gets lots of pajamas from mom and dad. Not exciting to most kids, but Ella seemed enthused.

Some pajamas and clothes from Lolly & Pop, too, including this red & black Minnie number.
They also gave her a stuffed doggie & carrier / vet kit. Sadly no pictures, but she loves it.

She tries some out on Claudia, Valeria's mom.

Time for bubbles before going hime.

At home, she gets Julieta's present...

She opens just a bit and realizes what is is.

So excited.

A scooter...

Cool box.


The test drive...

Great birthday (I hope).