September, 29 2013 - Ella's Birthday Party

Jill and I get to a park early and setup a little party for Ella's birthday.

Ella had spent the night before with Lolly & Pop, who bring her to the park to play for a while.

It is a cute little park by her school.

Ella shows off her sliding skills, then invites


and Lolly to follow her. How could they refuse.

Then grandmama follows.

Ella opens a card and gift from her friend, Valeria.

Playing on the be-gungle bee.

So cute on the "mariquita." They look like sisters.
(Ella calls a few things by their Spanish names. We always indulge. We love our little Spanglish girl.)

The girls play hide and seek with Julieta. The funny part is that Ella is hiding from Juli who is coming from this direction, walking right towards Ella.

Pinata time!
Ella is so delicate.

Valeria is rougher.

Ella gets Rougher.

Valeria goes crazy ex-girlfriend on it.

They give up and pull on the strings

to release the candy and toys (of which this is about a third).

Lolly crabs a 'hair pretty,'

as does grandmama.

Hugs as we gather at the table for cake...