July 28-29, 2013 - Dad, Suzanne, and Bogey visit

Granny, Grandpa, and Bogey come for a visit.

Bill and Carey join us for dinner.
Typical scene - Granny and Ella playing with Bogey, Pop and Grandpa socializing, and Lolly cleaning something that we probably would have eaten off of anyway.
(Thanks for keeping us healthy, Lolly!)

Grandpa and Ella go through Ella's photo albums.

It's OK! Carry on!

Ella shows off with her costumes - then takes them upstairs to ride Rawhide in style.

The princess and her steed...

Ella enjoys feeding Bogey.
Bogey tolerates the attention.
It was a great visit - two full days and nights - it has to be their longest excursion into Georgia in years.
Thanks for coming to see us, Granny and Grandpa!