July, 2013 - a month of daily updates from Julieta

All captions courtesy of Julieta.

The history is... She is a mom and she have 10 children she is a big mom because she have a lot of toys... And today is Uga birthday... Fun history..

Playing the tuba
Note: Ella calls every musical instrument a 'tuba.'

The ladybug cooking empanadas !!

Swimming ... !!! In Kaitlin house

Playing to be a ladybug!

Today its a great day.. She speak a lot spanish sometimes i have to stay behind it , remember she have to speak spanish but really Good today..

Skyping to see new puppies.

For do it a little bit happy your day... she was a payaso today .. so much fun

Story time .. in Barnes ..

Cooking empanadas!!

In the splash water

With katlin in a music class .. Ella like the class.