June 29, 2013 - Stockholm

When Ella goes back to the boat with Julieta, Jill and I wander through Gamlastan.

Yet another bride-to-be panhandles her way through a tourist district for change to spend on her bachlorette party.
It's a tradition that Jill is glad we don't have here.

Cool church.

When we were here in 2008, there were Christmas Markets here. Now, those are replaced by particularly annoying street performers. We stop for lunch anyway.

OK, we have a drink, too.

It is our last chance for meatballs.
We end up getting two rounds.
(Check uber-Swede to the right. Is that a man in underpants on his shirt?)

Statues never can be too careful.

We trek across town for this - Stockholm's year-round ice bar.

It is -5C inside. Luckily, they give us arctic parkas.

Jill's excited for her vodka-cranberry.
I have a vodka and soda with juniper berry bitters.

It is a small bar, but they make it interesting with alcoves and wall carvings.

This is in the table next to where we sat down.
"The shape of the empty glass revleals who you are.
From left, the sipper, the biter, and the talker."
(We aren't surprised. English is prevelant here.

I'm sure this map explains to you exactly where on the Torne River they get the ice for the bar.

Jill leans against a diagonally-hung ice block to give perspective.

It is a small bar and we were the only ones inside for some of our time there, but we enjoy it.

We stayed for a second drink, but that's all they allow you - 2 drinks or 45 minutes.

Having fun. Drinks are pricey. $20-ish, if I recall correctly.
A second is $15 if you kept your "glass." It is another $5 if you need another.

We run back to the boat for dinner.
Tomorrow we go home.

The long travel day starts.
Ella insists on pulling her own bag and very very upset if you take it or try to switch bags on her.

Bye-bye boat.
See you again in January!