June 29-30, 2013 - Stockholm

We're woken up this morning (as we were several other mornings) by a pilot coming aboard right below our room.

As it pulls away, it gets close enough for a picture.

We pull into Stockholm, completing our long cruise from Copenhagen.

In Sweden again - for the third time this trip.

Ella finds a Dala horse to climb on.

We take a bus into the city and pass what to me is their Eifel Tower or Empire State Building - Stadshuset (City Hall).

General sights of Stockholm.

This boat is a youth hostel. Unique.

Scandanavian architecture is a nice blend of eastern and western Europe.

My girls love on each other as we walk through the town to the castle.

Up to the castle for the changing of the guard.

Everyone has to stand behind the chain, which has no break. So, Paul lifts it to let us under.

The band passes by.
Apparently, the group changes every week, so this isn't an official military band.

You go, grandpa oompah!