June 28, 2013 - Savijärvi horse farm

About 100km north of Helsinki, we turn off the paved roads into Savijärvi farm.

Olive trees line the entry drive.

We descend into the forest

and wind along the road for a while.

Our long trip is rewarded with a welcoming glass of local berry juice.
(Sorry - can't remember more than that, but Ella loved it!)

Jill and Ella enjoy the wonderful day (and the rest of the berry juice).

Our hostess (the matriarch) talks about her family, their farm, and their horses.
The sons take turns bringing horses by for us to view.

This little guy is only a few weeks old - and has plenty of energy.

They bring out a pony - and since Ella is the only child (a typical situation for Ella), she gets to sit on him.

She likes it!

Inside, we are treated to an authentic Finnish meal.

We start with a soup made from stinging nettles, which our hostess explains.

We see a bit of the house. Five beds in this room and at least two in the room on the other side.

Quaint living room.

Ella and Jill adore a little doll house.

Outside, I am amused by the mail boxes.

More horses!

The girls go for a closer view.

Stinky stables!

What a cute farm!