June 28, 2013 - around Helsinki

Finland, the seventh and final country of the trip...

Architecture here is still remarkable.

The plazas and statues are cool. This would have been a great place for a bottle of wine - if it weren't 10:00 in the morning (and more importantly, if I had a bottle of wine).

Mom in front of the White Church.

I don't know how many Lutheran Cathedrals there are in northern Europe, but there is a big presense here in Helsinki.

My girls love the cutouts!


Not sure, but it looks cool!

We meander through a farmers' market.
These mushrooms look great (morels?), but in hindsight, we should have gotten some of their Alaska-sized strawberries.

We drive through town and get a good flavor of it.

Atlanta has its beltline. Helsinki has its.
Theirs is also based largely on rail lines, but is mostly underground, which is convenient for their weather.

The stone church, built into the ground.


We drive to a horse farm (next page), then on to the second-oldest town in Finland, Porvoo.

It dates back to 1346.

The cobblestone streets are lined with various shops.

Some cater to the kids, but many are oddly housewares.

The area is rugged here.

I really have no idea when I'm allowed to park here. Definately between 9am-4pm. Then, definatley not. (Or maybe not -9am until -4pm.) Then not when it is sailor's delight ot sailor's warning.
Seriously, no idea.

Going back through Helsinki, we pass this statue dedicated to the workers and such.
Whatever. I just like that someone put a sticker on one's butt.

Ella passes the long drive back with an iPad and her headphones (with her stickers).

We hang out back in the room for our next-to-last night, Ella, Juli, mom, Jill, and towel-monkey.