June 27, 2013 - Canal Cruise

Almost back to the port.

Last view of the communist housing by the port.

That doesn't look bad at all, until you realize that passes for a beach.

On the way out of the port area, we pass some old Russian naval yards.

Abandoned [I hope] forts.

Cool church in the distance.
Russia is full of these!


is Russian for Alcatraz (which is old Spanish for "pelican").

We're followed by at least two cruise ships as we navigate the Gulf of Finland.

Lots of folks are out on deck watching the scenery go by.

Not all is awesome, but it is all unique.
So many lighthouses!

And random ruins.

Russian tug.

A couple of dozen people line the roof of this burned-out shell of a place (I called Thunderdome in my head for no apparent reason) to watch us cruise by.

We finally get to the of the port.
These massive arms actually swing close to block the port. Check it!
Amazing! Seriously, how did the Russians not take over the world?

They can close this massive gap with those arms.
Oh - and then cars drive over it.
They're lined-up for a mile on both sides waiting to cross.

Not sure. Dam?

Last shot of a boat coming through the gap.
And that's it - we're out of Russia and off to Finland.