June 27, 2013 - Canal Cruise

On the way to the riverboat, we stop at a snazzy church.

We pull up to the canal, lined with typical buildings.

On the boat, we immediately encounter some low bridges.

The buildings get prettier.

Another low bridge.

After a while, we make it into the main river.

This is the canal from which we came - and The Hermitage to the left.

Peter and Paul Fortress.

Lots of activity on the river...

Still a cool church, though the view from the water isn't the best.

By now, we're starting to be able to read some signs again, pretty much like the last day of our last trip to Russia.
Lots of Greek letters are their phoenetic counterparts (like lamda = L)

So, this is "Restauran[t]".

I don't know the left and right ones, but the middle is Salon.



Our hour-cruise is over - and we head back to the boat past the quintessential no-name church.
Tonight, we sail to Helsinki, but we had a great time in Russia.