June 26, 2013 - Afternoon at Peterhof and back aboard

The lower gardens of Peterhof (borderng the Gulf of Finland, a part of the Baltic) are gorgeous, but you aren't free to walk through them all.
(That's probably what keeps them so pristine.)

A good shot shows you gardens, fountains, and gold statues - the gammut of Catherine's Palace grounds.

Ooo... a tall one.

I supposed they keep the dragon in the cave there.

Stables, perhaps.

Have I said I love the gold domes?

A parting shot of the whole scene.

On the way back to the boat, we get more general Russian scenery. We start to get a bit desensitized to it, but it is just cool to be back in Europe and be in the shadows of such places again.

Back aboard, we play and dance a bit after dinner.

The band is playing good jazz, so the girls swing.

(one literally)

"Wanna go up top, Ella?"

Shuffleboard with Paul!
"Here, Ella."

They have fun for several rounds. Not that you know, but it is 9pm or so, so time for bed.
More Russian fun tomorrow!