June 26, 2013 - To Peterhof!

The hour drive to Peterhof is rather ho-hum until we get stopped by a train that comes out of this castle!

Ella and Iren walk under the trellis toward Peterhof.

Parts of it come into view.
This is going to be something.

The front of the main building.

I like the carriage house.

Since no foreigner has a chance of reading anything, they're big on pictures.
I take a stab below at translating.

The fountains are the highlight.
There are all sorts of fountains on the grounds, as you'll see.

Els and I stop at the Grand Cascade fountains.
That's Samson below and the Sea Channel leading up to it.

Looking back up at the Grand Cascade and Peterhof Palace.
It is a hot day, but we're enjoying it.

Great spot for a picture!

Some kind of famous swan-boat gift.

Finally - the main attraction (we hoped).
The "trick fountains."
Kids play in the fountains trying to step on the one magic stone that makes them squirt.
(Russian parents are mean, too. There is a guy controlling them all.)
Ella has a good time, but there are too many kids.

We go to the next fountain.
Fewer kids, but she doesn't like falling water. She doesn't like the mushroom thingy in our neighborhood pool.

She eventually goes inside, but I have to coerce her.

Beware - you're still in metro-Saint Petersburg.

The next fountain - more kids.

So after a few minutes, we walk across the quad to another fountain.
Ella is so timid!
As we undress her, she says she finally wants to play some.

So, we leave her baithing suit off and send her back.