June 24, 2013 - Tallinn, Estonia

Near the top of the hill, we find a wishing well.
Ella wants to look inside, so Juli is very careful.

It seems like we've been walking up for an hour, but we are getting close to Toompea Castle.

Near a small passage in the castle wall.
We decide to take the larger opening to the left into a courtyard

that overlooks the city

and its cool churches.

The girls climb up the castle wall

since I thought this restaurant must have a restroom.
(Nope. Sorry!)

The other side of the wall is intimidating.

We watch folks below practice their archery.

The gorgeous, Russian Orthodox 'Alexander Nevsky Cathedral' dominates the inside of Toompea.

Down below, Tallinn spreads like a picture out to out boat - the white mass in the center of the horizon .

Enjoying the city.

Els stops for a picture in front of a gift shop.

Some head back to the boat.
(Ella really seems to be warmimg up to Paul, but I think it just seems that way.)

Love it.

Pork knuckle with Estonian kraut and potatoes (of course!).

Walking back to the boat, we pass the "Broken Line," a memorial to the 852 that died in a passenger ferry disaster in 1994.
The other end of the line on the hill. It is behind the side you can see here, but you can see its shadow on the hill just to the left of the bushes. Oddly, there is a lady at the very end of it having her picture taken. She's about 30' off the ground - and in no shape to be doing so, but she makes it.

The Estonian Maritime Museum, out parting look at Tallinn before getting back to the ship.
Off to Russia!