June 22, 2013 - Visby, Sweden

Still in Visby, where the houses are adorable.

Ruins of ancient churches create a bold and unique skyline for the island city.

I loved these little yellow flowers growing in the sides of the rock.

Walking through the main square, in search of Swedish meatballs, which we find.

If it ain't Baroque...

Inside one of the church-ruins. It is like a movie set.

We head out of the town square, leisurely back to the boat, but more in search of a park for Ella to play.

We find a school playground with sume funky things like this swing.


We all try it. It is really heavy, so it is an odd sensation. Also, it swings forever. It is an amazing little swing.

General Visby.

Back to where we started the day.

A local couple enjoys the beautiful day.
Nearby, we play on a park for a while until it is time for Ella to go back to the boat and take a nap.

Back to the boat, then off to Latvia.