June 22, 2013 - Visby, Sweden

We wake up to a big room-service breakfast. When we uncovered it and spread out, it basically covered the room - the bed, the table, etc.

Today is our second visit to Sweden (and the first on the cruise)... Visby, largest city on Gotlands, a little island in the Baltic I've overlooked my whole life.

They have these little rams everywhere to climb on. Fun!

Els chases a duck across a picturesque park.

Julieta and Ella find another ram.

Looking back at our ship, anchored closer to shore than the tender made it seem.

Cute town,

filled with windy little alleys

which we immediately explore.

Lots of little windy streets

and the most adorable houses.


Visby is a walled city. We toss Ella up in the wall for a picture.

OK, two pictures.
An Asian papparazzi descended. I should have taken pictures of that, but it is clear that she'd be very popular in China/Japan.

Swedish lawn game.
A cross between horseshoes and Jenga. Looks fun!

My beautiful girls enjoy the nice day.

They sai Visby is called the city of flowers and ruins.
We see why. It is gorgeous.